On 2/4/16 1:37 AM, konstantin knizhnik wrote:
>My suspicion is that it would be useful to pre-order the new data before 
trying to apply it to the indexes.
Sorry, but ALTER INDEX is expected to work for all indexes, not only B-Tree, 
and for them sorting may not be possible...
But for B-Tree presorting inserted data should certainly increase performance.
I will think about it.

I wasn't talking about ALTER INDEX.

My theory is that if you're doing a large DML operation it might be more efficient to update an index as a single bulk operation, instead of doing it for each tuple.

If you want to do that, then you need an efficient method for finding everything that a DML statement changed. That's the exact same thing we need to support statement-level triggers being able to reference NEW and OLD. It's probably also what we need to support incremental update matviews.

If we had such a capability then we could add options to the AM infrastructure to allow indexes to support doing bulk maintenance as well as per-tuple maintenance (or even support only bulk maintenance...)

I don't think any of that has anything to do with ALTER INDEX.
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