On 1/21/16 11:47 AM, Konstantin Knizhnik wrote:
BTW, could you explain, what is the reason to copy data into the
pending list and then copy it again while flushing pending list into
the index? Why not read this data directly from the table? I feel that
I've missed something important here.

No, I do  not think that inserted data should be placed in pending list
and then copied to main table.
It should be stored directly in the main table and "pending list" is
just some fast, transient index.

That sounds similar to what we would need to support referencing OLD and NEW in per-statement triggers: a good way to find everything that was changed in a statement.

Or if you will, s/statement/transaction/.

Having that is probably a prerequisite for doing incremental refresh materialized views.

My suspicion is that it would be useful to pre-order the new data before trying to apply it to the indexes.
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