Peter Moser wrote:

I have some strange error message inside Eclipse, that some symbols cannot
be found. I work with version 9.6 currently. For instance,

Symbol 'RM_HEAP_ID' could not be resolved

It affects all occurrences of symbols that are defined in
src/include/access/rmgrlist.h. Eclipse just says "Syntax error" here.

However, the source code compiles and runs without any compile-time error or
warning. It is just an IDE problem I think, but it distracts me from finding
real bugs.

Disclaimer: I've never used eclipse.

The problem is some perhaps-too-clever stuff we do to avoid repetitive
declarations of things.  The rmgr stuff uses a PG_RMGR macro, which is
defined differently in src/backend/access/transam/rmgr.c and
src/include/access/rmgr.h; the latter contains the actual enum
definition.  On the other hand Eclipse is trying to be too clever by
processing the C files, but not actually getting it completely right
(which is understandable, really).  We have other similar cases, such as
grammar keywords (kwlist.h)

I'm afraid that you'd have to teach Eclipse to deal with such things
(which might be tricky) or live with it.

thank you for the comment.

I think, I can live with it.

Perhaps, when I have some spare time I give it a try to solve this "non-issue"...


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