> We may have a good idea of how to define a custom language, still we
> are going to need to design a clean interface at catalog level more or
> less close to what is written here. If we can get a clean interface,
> the custom language implemented, and TAP tests that take advantage of
> this user interface to check the node/group statuses, I guess that we
> would be in good shape for this patch.
> Anyway that's not a small project, and perhaps I am over-complicating
> the whole thing.

Yes.  The more I look at this, the worse the idea of custom syntax looks.  Yes, 
I realize there are drawbacks to using JSON, but this is worse.

Further, there's a lot of horse-cart inversion here.  This proposal involves 
letting the syntax for sync_list configuration determine the feature set for 
N-sync.  That's backwards; we should decide the total list of features we want 
to support, and then adopt a syntax which will make it possible to have them.

Josh Berkus
Red Hat OSAS
(opinions are my own)

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