Daniel Verite wrote:
>       Teodor Sigaev wrote:
> > Interesting feature, but it's not very obvious how to use it. I'd like to
> > see  some example(s) in documentation.
> I'm thinking of making a wiki page, because examples pretty much
> require showing resultsets, and I'm not sure this would fly
> with our current psql documentation, which is quite compact.

Yeah, we need to keep in mind that the psql doc is processed as a
manpage also, so it may not be a great idea to add too many things
there.  But I also agree that some good examples would be useful.

FWIW I think the general idea of this feature (client-side resultset
"pivoting") is a good one, but I don't really have an opinion regarding
your specific proposal.  I think you should first seek some more
consensus about the proposed design; in your original thread [1] several
guys defended the idea of having this be a psql feature, and the idea of
this being a parallel to \x seems a very sensible one, but there's
really been no discussion on whether your proposed "+/-" syntax to
change sort order makes sense, for one thing.

So please can we have that wiki page so that the syntax can be hammered
out a bit more.

I'm closing this as returned-with-feedback for now.

[1] It's a good idea to add links to previous threads where things were
discussed.  I had to search for
because you didn't provide a link to it when you started the second

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