> FWIW I think the general idea of this feature (client-side resultset
> "pivoting") is a good one, but I don't really have an opinion regarding
> your specific proposal.  I think you should first seek some more
> consensus about the proposed design; in your original thread [1] several
> guys defended the idea of having this be a psql feature, and the idea of
> this being a parallel to \x seems a very sensible one, but there's
> really been no discussion on whether your proposed "+/-" syntax to
> change sort order makes sense, for one thing.

I am sorry, but I disagree - the discussion about implementation was more
than two months, and I believe so anybody who would to discuss had enough
time to discuss. This feature and design was changed significantly and
there was not anybody who sent feature design objection.

This feature has only small relation to SQL PIVOTING feature - it is just
form of view and I am agree with Daniel about sense of this feature.



> So please can we have that wiki page so that the syntax can be hammered
> out a bit more.
> I'm closing this as returned-with-feedback for now.
> [1] It's a good idea to add links to previous threads where things were
> discussed.  I had to search for
> www.postgresql.org/message-id/flat/78543039-c708-4f5d-a66f-0c0fbcda1f76@mm
> because you didn't provide a link to it when you started the second
> thread.
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