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> The reason for using centralized way is that we need to request
> named tranches before initialization of shared memory and as far as
> I can see, currently there is no way in the subsystems where they can
> issue such a request, so one possibility is that we introduce new API's
> like InitBufferLWLocks(), InitLmgrLWLocks(), InitPredicateLWLocks()
> in respective subsystem and call them in
> CreateSharedMemoryAndSemaphores() before shared memory
> initialization. Does by doing that way addresses your concern?

Well, if we're going to have new functions like that, I think the
place to call them from is PostmasterMain() just before
process_shared_preload_libraries(). After all, if extensions were
requesting tranches, they'd do it from
process_shared_preload_libraries(), so it seems like the right place.

However, since the number of locks we need for each of these
subsystems is fixed at compile time, it seems a bit of a shame to have
to do something about them at runtime.  I wonder if we should just
hard-code this in CreateLWLocks() instead of trying to use the
named-tranche facility.  That is, where that function does this:

    MainLWLockTranche.name = "main";
    MainLWLockTranche.array_base = MainLWLockArray;
    MainLWLockTranche.array_stride = sizeof(LWLockPadded);
    LWLockRegisterTranche(LWTRANCHE_MAIN, &MainLWLockTranche);

...register four tranches instead.  And where it does this:

        /* Initialize all fixed LWLocks in main array */
        for (id = 0, lock = MainLWLockArray; id < numLocks; id++, lock++)
            LWLockInitialize(&lock->lock, LWTRANCHE_MAIN);

...have four loops instead, each initializing with a different tranche
ID.  Then the current method of computing the location of those locks
would still work just fine; the code changes would be a lot more
isolated, and we wouldn't have to do runtime save-and-restore of more
variables on Windows.

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