Hi, hackers.

Long story short, I'd like to do some refactoring of the code related to indexes.

I work on patch which provides INCLUDING columns functional [1]. The patch was reviewed again and again, I fixed many issues, but we still don't sure enough that all occurrences of /rd_index->indnatts/ are replaced with /rd_index->indnkeyatts /accurately. I have no idea how to do it without thorough reading of code, so I am doing it now.

I already replaced all these /rd_index->indnatts ///with macro /IndexRelationGetNumberOfAttributes/ and /rd_index->indnkeyatts /with macro /IndexRelationGetNumberOfKeyAttributes/. But still there are a lot of places with vague naming. For example, /indnatts/, /natts/, /ncolumns/ and so on for the very same /rd_index->indnatts. /I changed them with /indnatts./ Or /indexStruct, index, idxForm, index_form/ for /index->rd_index./ They are definitely should be unified. I'd prefer indexForm. Any objections?

One more point is indkey in FormData_pg_index <http://doxygen.postgresql.org/pg__index_8h.html#a5065be0408f03576083a30c97b43a09a>. The same for indkeys <http://doxygen.postgresql.org/struct__indxInfo.html#a66d6eab0efe4bcb9fcbb472d403fa981>, ii_KeyAttrNumbers <http://doxygen.postgresql.org/structIndexInfo.html#a7723798af613a780d505231bad72c0a3> , indexkeys <http://doxygen.postgresql.org/structIndexOptInfo.html#ab95b0da6ff1e527506239dab1a480b82>. With my patch index can have key and non-key (included) columns. Therefore indkey is not just the key now. It contains both key and included columns. And its length is not indnkeyatts as one might think, but indnatts. I suppose it's worth to rename it somehow. But I can't find the proper name. Do you have any ideas?

If you see any related changes, please, let me know.

1. http://www.postgresql.org/message-id/flat/56168952.4010...@postgrespro.ru#56168952.4010...@postgrespro.ru

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