On Thu, Feb 11, 2016 at 9:11 AM, Aleksander Alekseev
<a.aleks...@postgrespro.ru> wrote:
>> Thanks, this looks way better.  Some more comments:
>> - I don't think there's any good reason for this patch to change the
>> calling convention for ShmemInitHash().  Maybe that's a good idea and
>> maybe it isn't, but it's a separate issue from what this patch is
>> doing, and if we're going to do it at all, it should be discussed
>> separately.  Let's leave it out of this patch.
>> - I would not provide an option to change the number of freelist
>> mutexes.  Let's dump DEFAULT_MUTEXES_NUM and MAX_MUTEXES_NUM and have
>> FREELIST_MUTEXES_NUM.  The value of 32 which you selected is fine with
>> me.
>> - The change to LOG2_NUM_LOCK_PARTITIONS in lwlock.h looks like an
>> independent change.  Again, leave it out of this patch and submit it
>> separately with its own benchmarking data if you want to argue for it.
>> I think if you make these changes this patch will be quite a bit
>> smaller and in pretty good shape.
>> Thanks for working on this.
> Here is a corrected patch. I decided to keep a small change in
> InitLocks procedure (lock.c) since ShmemInitHash description clearly
> states "For a table whose maximum size is certain, [init_size] should
> be equal to max_size". Also I added two items to my TODO list to send
> more patches as soon (and if) this patch will be applied.
> Thanks for your contribution to this patch.

The fact that InitLocks() doesn't do this has been discussed before
and there's no consensus on changing it.  It is, at any rate, a
separate issue.  I'll go through the rest of this patch again now.

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