> Tatsuo,
> I have been trying to get the sorting of Chinese data in Postgresql
> 7.3.1 to work without much success. Here is what I did.
> I rebuilt the executables with ./configure -enable-multibyte=ENC_CN on
> a RedHat Linux 8.0 Pentium 2 system. The build was successful. I created
> a test database cluster and a database instance using the -E EUC_CN
> option. The database ran OK: I could successfully save and retrieve
> Chinese(GB2312) from some test database tables. However, when I tried to
> select data from a table with Chinese (GB2312) data with an "order by"
> clause, the outcome indicate that the "order by" instruction had no
> effect. 
> Do you know if sorting Chinese data works in Postgresql 7.3.1? If yes,
> how would I get it to work? If no, what can be done? I am willing to
> help to get this work if there is not someone already working on it. 

That might be a Chinese locale problem. Try re-initdb with --no-locale
option to disable the locale support. Unfortunately there's no way to
build PostgreSQL 7.3 or later without locale support except specify
the option at initdb time.
Tatsuo Ishii

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