> I tried initdb -E EUC_CN --no-locale and tested "order by" with the same
> Chinese data, I got the same result: the "order by" clause does not have
> any effect. The locale on my Redhat Linux 8.0 is en_US.UTF-8. 
> By the way, the manual page for initdb does not show an option
> --no-locale. 

That's a bug with the man page. Try initdb --help to find the option.

> Could you point me to the source codes where I can pin down
> this? 

No idea at this point. What about the results of following SQL?

SELECT 'chinese char1'::text > 'chinese char2'::text;

Do you get same result for any Chinese (EUC_CN) characters?
Tatsuo Ishii

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