Hello Robert,

For example, I just realized that this patch allows values to be
either a double or an integer and extends the operators to handle
double values.  But variables can still only be integers.


[...] at least flatten everything to string rather than integer so that you can store the value without loss of precision - just with loss of type-safety. I think designing this in this way is quite short-sighted.

Note that I'm not responsible for this design, which is preexisting. Extending variables to be able to store doubles could also be done in another patch.

I don't think variables should be explicitly typed but they should be able to store a value of any type that expression evaluation can generate.

Doubles are not really needed that much, it is just to provide something to random_* functions parameter, otherwise it is useless as far as pgbench is really concerned.

Also, as I said back in November, there's really two completely
separate enhancements in here.  One of them is to support a new data
type (doubles) and the other is to support functions.

Yep. The first part is precisely the patch I initially submitted 5 CF ago.

Then I'm asked to put more things in it to show that it can indeed handle another type. Then I'm told "you should not have done that". What can I say?

Those should really be separate patches.

They could.

[...] I find implementing operators as functions in disguise not to be one of PostgreSQL's most awesome design decisions, and here we are copying that into pgbench for, well, no benefit that I can see, really.

Well, I did that initially, then I was asked to implements operators as functions. It probably saves some lines, so it is not too bad, even if the benefit is limited.

Maybe it's a good idea and maybe it's a bad idea, but how do we know?

This is just pgbench, a tool for testing performance by running dummy transactions, not a production thing, so I think that it really does not matter. There is no user visible changes wrt operators.

[...] If neither of you are willing to split this patch, I'm not willing to commit it.

If I'm reading you correctly, you would consider committing it:

 - if the function & double stuff are separated ?

 - for the double part, if variables can be double ?


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