Hello Michaƫl,

 - if the function & double stuff are separated ?
 - for the double part, if variables can be double ?

I just double-checked and could not see a clear use case mentioned in
this thread for double return types,

Alas there is one: non uniform random functions which use a double parameter.

Once random functions are there, the \setrandom horror code could be removed, which would be a real benefit, IMO:-)

So I see a good case to have some support for doubles.

so I would suggest focusing on the integer portion with min(), max(), abs(), debug() and the existing functions refactored. That's what your first versions did. If someone is wishing to implement double types, this someone could do it, the infrastructure that this patch puts in place has already proved that it can be easily extended.

Adding double is not too big a deal. I just stopped at variables because I could not see any realistic use for them. My idea was to postpone that till it is actually needed, "never" being the most probable course.

Now if this is a blocker for the committer, then I will probably make the effort whatever I think of the usefulness of the feature.

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