> > Anyways, I've got an idea: what about having option that INSERTs return
> > "oid_status" in form...
> I don't understand exactly how an INSERT statement "returns" anything.
> An INSERT statement is not a function, is it?

I mean the backend message CompletedResponse (and
s/oid_status/PQoidStatus/ (as it's written in libpq-fe.h)) (ok, it's
deprecated now in favor of PQoidValue).

>From postgresql docs see section Frontend-Backend protocol:


        Identifies the message as a completed response.


        The  command  tag. This is usually a single word that
        identifies which SQL command was completed.

        For  an  INSERT  command,  the tag is INSERT oid rows,
        where rows is the number of rows  inserted,  and  oid
        is  the  object  ID  of  the inserted row if rows is 1,
        otherwise oid is 0.

Wouldn't it be nice to add here

        If table doesn't contain row oids, in place of oid
        is the primary key of the newly inserted record (if any)
        as column = 'value' [ and column = 'value [ and ... ]]

Antti Haapala

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