Hello pg-hackers,

I need advice about postgresql-jdbc driver.

Current version in Fedora is behind latest version of postgresql-jdbc (1200 vs 

We are trying to package latest version into Fedora, but there are 
dependencies, which are not useless in Fedora (waffle-jna) and ones which we 
are not 100% open source (osgi-enterprise). We talked with upstream quite 
intensively but not been able to find any solution which would meet our 

We think that it's not a good, when open-source project depending on packages, 
which licence is not 100% clear. 

Do you have any ideas how we could solve this problem?

It's quite easy to remove it but it's not best solutions because there is a 
chance that with each release we would have to work on removing. (Gentoo is 
doing this way : 
https://gitweb.gentoo.org/repo/gentoo.git/tree/dev-java/jdbc-postgresql )

Other distros seem to have similar problem 
We will be thankful for any idea.

Pavel Kajaba

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