Oh, Pavel probably forgot to CC pgjdbc, fixing.

Forwarded message from Craig Ringer:
On 16 February 2016 at 20:15, Pavel Kajaba <pkaj...@redhat.com> wrote:
> Hello pg-hackers,
> I need advice about postgresql-jdbc driver.
> Current version in Fedora is behind latest version of postgresql-jdbc
> (1200 vs 1207).
> We are trying to package latest version into Fedora, but there are
> dependencies, which are not useless in Fedora (waffle-jna)

Which *are* useless in Fedora. I know that was just an editing mistake.
It's a library used in PgJDBC for windows SSPI support.

I don't really see the problem here. If your packaging policy prevents you
from incorporating it, patch it out. It's use is simple, self-contained and
already optional.

> and ones which we are not 100% open source (osgi-enterprise). We talked
> with upstream quite intensively but not been able to find any solution
> which would meet our requirements.

... which you should probably outline here, because otherwise nobody  will
understand the problem.

> We think that it's not a good, when open-source project depending on
> packages, which licence is not 100% clear.

Well, frankly, that's Java. So long as they're soft-dependencies I really
don't care.

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