On 19/02/16 10:10, Álvaro Hernández Tortosa wrote:
      Oleg and I discussed recently that a really good addition to a GSoC
item would be to study whether it's convenient to have a binary
serialization format for jsonb over the wire. Some argue this should be
benchmarked first. So the scope for this project would be to benchmark
and analyze the potential improvements and then agree on which format
jsonb could be serialized to (apart from the current on-disk format,
there are many json or nested k-v formats that could be used for sending
over the wire).

Seems a bit risky for a GSoC project. We don't know if a different serialization format will be a win, or whether we want to do it in the end, until the benchmarking is done. It's also not clear what we're trying to achieve with the serialization format: smaller on-the-wire size, faster serialization in the server, faster parsing in the client, or what?

- Heikki

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