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> On 22/02/16 05:10, Tom Lane wrote:
>> Another variable is that your answers might depend on what format you
>> assume the client is trying to convert from/to.  (It's presumably not
>> text JSON, but then what is it?)

>      As I mentioned before, there are many well-known JSON serialization 
> formats, like:

> - http://ubjson.org/
> - http://cbor.io/
> - http://msgpack.org/
> - BSON (ok, let's skip that one hehehe)
> - http://wiki.fasterxml.com/SmileFormatSpec

Ah, the great thing about standards is there are so many to choose from :-(

So I guess part of the GSoC project would have to be figuring out which
one of these would make the most sense for us to adopt.

                        regards, tom lane

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