Victor Wagner wrote:

> I'll second Stas' suggestion about psql_ok/psql_fail functions.
> 1. psql_ok instead of just psql would provide visual feedback for the
> reader of code. One would see 'here condition is tested, here is
> something ended with _ok/_fail'.
> It would be nice that seeing say "use Test::More tests => 4"
> one can immediately see "Yes, there is three _ok's and one _fail in the
> script'
> 2. I have use case for psql_fail code. In my libpq failover patch there
> is number of cases, where it should be tested that connection is not
> established,
> But this is rather about further evolution of the tap test library, not
> about this set of tests.

This makes sense to me.  Please submit a patch for this.

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