Konstantin Knizhnik wrote:

> Yes, it is certainly possible to develop cluster by cloning PostgreSQL.
> But it cause big problems both for developers, which have to permanently
> synchronize their branch with master,
> and, what is more important, for customers, which can not use standard
> version of PostgreSQL.
> It may cause problems with system certification, with running Postgres in
> cloud,...
> Actually the history of Postgres-XL/XC and Greenplum IMHO shows that it is
> wrong direction.

That's not the point, though.  I don't think a Postgres clone with a GTM
solves any particular problem that's not already solved by the existing
forks.  However, if you have a clone at home and you make a GTM work on
it, then you take the GTM as a patch and post it for discussion.
There's no need for hooks for that.  Just make sure your GTM solves the
problem that it is supposed to solve.

Excuse me if I've missed the discussion elsewhere -- why does
PostgresPro have *two* GTMs instead of a single one?

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