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> >> Here, we can see that there is a gain of ~15% to ~38% at higher client
> >> count.
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> >> The attached document (perf_write_clogcontrollock_data_v6.ods) contains
> >> data, mainly focussing on single client performance.  The data is for
> >> multiple runs on different machines, so I thought it is better to
present in
> >> form of document rather than dumping everything in e-mail.  Do let me
> >> if there is any confusion in understanding/interpreting the data.
> >
> > Forgot to mention that all these tests have been done by reverting
> > commit-ac1d794.
> OK, that seems better.  But I have a question: if we don't really need
> to make this optimization apply only when everything is on the same
> page, then why even try?

This is to save the case when sub-transactions belonging to a transaction
are on different pages, and the reason for same is that currently I am
using XidCache as stored in each proc to pass the information of
subtransactions to TransactionIdSetPageStatusInternal(), now if we allow
subtransactions from different pages then I need to extract subxid's from
that cache which belong to the page on which we are trying to update the
status.  Now this will add few more cycles in the code path under
ExclusiveLock without any clear benefit, thats why I have not implemented
it.  I have explained the same in code comments as well:

This optimization is only applicable if the transaction and

+ * all child sub-transactions belong to same page which we presume to be

+ * most common case, we might be able to apply this when they are not on

+ * page, but that needs us to map sub-transactions in proc's XidCache based

+ * on pageno for which each time Group leader needs to set the transaction

+ * status and that can lead to some performance penalty as well because it

+ * needs to be done after acquiring CLogControlLock, so let's leave that

+ * case for now.

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