On 3/15/16 1:17 AM, Amit Kapila wrote:

> On Tue, Mar 15, 2016 at 12:00 AM, David Steele <da...@pgmasters.net
>> This patch no longer applies cleanly:
>> $ git apply ../other/group_update_clog_v6.patch
>> error: patch failed: src/backend/storage/lmgr/proc.c:404
>> error: src/backend/storage/lmgr/proc.c: patch does not apply
>> error: patch failed: src/include/storage/proc.h:152
>> error: src/include/storage/proc.h: patch does not apply
> For me, with patch -p1 < <path_of_patch> it works, but any how I have
> updated the patch based on recent commit.  Can you please check the
> latest patch and see if it applies cleanly for you now.

Yes, it now applies cleanly (101fd93).


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