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> On 29/02/16 03:23, Craig Ringer wrote:

> Sound reasonable?
> I wonder if it would be acceptable to create new info flag for RM_SEQ_ID
> that would behave just like XLOG_SEQ_LOG but would be used only for the
> nontransactional updates (nextval) so that decoding could easily
> differentiate between transactional and non-transactional update of
> sequence and then just either call the callback immediately or add the
> change to reorder buffer based on that. The redo code could just have
> simple OR expression to behave same with both of the info flags.

That's much cleaner than trying to keep track of sequence creations and
really pretty harmless. I'll give that a go and see how it looks.

> Seems like simpler solution than building all the tracking code on the
> decoding side to me.


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