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        Sound reasonable?

    I wonder if it would be acceptable to create new info flag for
    RM_SEQ_ID that would behave just like XLOG_SEQ_LOG but would be used
    only for the nontransactional updates (nextval) so that decoding
    could easily differentiate between transactional and
    non-transactional update of sequence and then just either call the
    callback immediately or add the change to reorder buffer based on
    that. The redo code could just have simple OR expression to behave
    same with both of the info flags.

That's much cleaner than trying to keep track of sequence creations and
really pretty harmless. I'll give that a go and see how it looks.

    Seems like simpler solution than building all the tracking code on
    the decoding side to me.


Except this won't work for sequences that have been created in same transaction as the nextval()/setval() was called because in those cases we don't want to decode the advancement of sequence until the end of transaction and we can't map the relfilenode to sequence without going through reorder buffer in those cases either

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