Curtis Faith wrote:
> If people are deciding what open-source database server they want to
use, Linux or FreeBSD is the obvious choice for the server OS. The kind
of people who are inclined to use PostgreSQL or MySQL will mostly NOT be
considering Windows servers.
For another perspective, we've been getting a few requests per day through the PostgreSQL Advocacy and Marketing site's request form along the lines of:

"Is there a license fee for using PostgreSQL? We'd like to distribute it with our XYZ product that needs a database."

Probably about 4 or so per day like this at present. A lot of the people sending these emails appear to have windows based products that need a database, and have heard of PostgreSQL being a database that they don't need to pay license fee's for. They've kind of missed the point of Open Source from the purist point of view, but it's still working for them. ;-)

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