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> > The only assumption I see being made here is this:
> >
> > "I believe that the port, as submitted, can be used as an
> > industrial-strength solution."
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> > I see no evidence to support this claim.  If you have this
> > evidence, feel free to share it with the rest of us.
> I hammered the betas on a couple of test boxes running Windows XP and
> .NET Server of various (pre)releases and found it to be rock solid,
> performing comparably to my Linux based systems. The Cygwin version fell
> over quite quickly under the same tests.
> I'll admit my methods were not particularly scientific, but over the
> last few weeks I've had far more grief from DB2 and SQL Server than I
> did from the PostgreSQL native betas.

hammering the betas is a far cry from an "industrial-strength solution".

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