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    Psql based implementation needs new infrastructure (more than few


    * binary mode support
    * parametrized query support,

    I am not against, but both points I proposed, and both was rejected.

    So why dont use current infrastructure? Raw copy is trivial patch.

I was asked by Daniel Verite about reopening this patch in opened commitfest.

I am sending rebased patch



I am new to reviewing, here is what I got. Patch have been applied nicely to the HEAD. I tried to upload and export files in psql, it works as expected. All regression tests are passed without problems as well. Code looks good for me. There is a little confusion for me in this line of documentation:

"use any metadata - only row data in network byte order are exported"

Did you mean "only raw data in network byte order is exported"?

And there are two entries for this patch on commitfest page: in "miscellaneous" and "sql" sections. Probably it's better to remove one of them to avoid confusion.

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