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>>> > I think the wait event types should be documented - and the wait
>>> > events too, perhaps.
>>> >
>>> As discussed upthread, I have added documentation for all the possible
>>> wait events and an example.  Some of the LWLocks like AsyncQueueLock and
>>> AsyncCtlLock are used for quite similar purpose, so I have kept there
>>> explanation as same.
>> Do you think it worth grouping rows in "wait_event Description" table by
>> wait event type?
> They are already grouped (implicitly), do you mean to say that we should
> add wait event type name as well in that table?


> If yes, then the only slight worry is that there will lot of repetition in
> wait_event_type column, otherwise it is okay.

There is morerows attribute of entry tag in Docbook SGML, it behaves like
rowspan in HTML.

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