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>> I wouldn't bother tinkering with it at this point.  The value isn't
>> going to be recorded on disk anywhere, so it will be easy to change
>> the way it's computed in the future if we ever need to do that.
> Okay. Find the rebased patch attached with this mail.  I have moved
> this patch to upcoming CF.

I would call the functions pgstat_report_wait_start() and
pgstat_report_wait_end() instead of pgstat_report_start_waiting() and

I think pgstat_get_wait_event_type should not return HWLock, a term
that appears nowhere in our source tree at present.  How about just

I think the wait event types should be documented - and the wait
events too, perhaps.

Maybe it's worth having separate wait event type names for lwlocks and
lwlock tranches.  We could report LWLockNamed and LWLockTranche and
document the difference: "LWLockNamed indicates that the backend is
waiting for a specific, named LWLock.  The event name is the name of
that lock.  LWLockTranche indicates that the backend is waiting for
any one of a group of locks with similar function.  The event name
identifies the general purpose of locks in that group."

There's no requirement that every session have every tranche
registered.  I think we should consider displaying "extension" for any
tranche that's not built-in, or at least for tranches that are not
registered (rather than "unknown wait event").

+       if (lock->tranche == 0 && lockId < NUM_INDIVIDUAL_LWLOCKS)

Isn't the second part automatically true at this point?

The changes to LockBufferForCleanup() don't look right to me.  Waiting
for a buffer pin might be a reasonable thing to define as a wait
event, but it shouldn't reported as if we were waiting on the LWLock

What happens if an error is thrown while we're in a wait?

Does this patch hurt performance?

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