>On Fri, Mar 4, 2016, 5:23 +03:00 от Michael Paquier < 
>michael.paqu...@gmail.com >:
>> The patch adds the support of taking the role name from the role tuple
>> instead of using the provided rolename variable, because it is possible
>> that rolename variable is NULL if the connection is from a background
>> worker.
>> The patch is fine, I didn't find any problems, I marked it as ready for
>> committer.
>> IMO this patch may need to backpatch supported branches as it is
>> a bug fix. Committer can decide.
>+1 for the backpatch. The current error message should the rolename be
>undefined in this context is misleading for users.

Thanks for feedback.

This patch successfully applies to the 9.5 branch.
In 9.4 and below versions InitializeSessionUserId function has other signature:
void InitializeSessionUserId(const char *rolename)
and it is impossible to pass role Oid to this function.

In this way, the patch is relevant only to the master and 9.5 branches

Dmitriy Sarafannikov
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