On Thu, Mar 3, 2016 at 11:00 PM, David Rowley
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> On 17 February 2016 at 17:50, Haribabu Kommi <kommi.harib...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Here I attached a draft patch based on previous discussions. It still needs
>> better comments and optimization.
> Over in [1] Tom posted a large change to the grouping planner which
> causes large conflict with the parallel aggregation patch. I've been
> looking over Tom's patch and reading the related thread and I've
> observed 3 things:
> 1. Parallel Aggregate will be much easier to write and less code to
> base it up top of Tom's upper planner changes. The latest patch does
> add a bit of cruft (e.g create_gather_plan_from_subplan()) which won't
> be required after Tom pushes the changes to the upper planner.
> 2. If we apply parallel aggregate before Tom's upper planner changes
> go in, then Tom needs to reinvent it again when rebasing his patch.
> This seems senseless, so this is why I did this work.
> 3. Based on the thread, most people are leaning towards getting Tom's
> changes in early to allow a bit more settle time before beta, and
> perhaps also to allow other patches to go in after (e.g this)
> So, I've done a bit of work and I've rewritten the parallel aggregate
> code to base it on top of Tom's patch posted in [1].


> 3. The code never attempts to mix and match Grouping Agg and Hash Agg
> plans. e.g it could be an idea to perform Partial Hash Aggregate ->
> Gather -> Sort -> Finalize Group Aggregate, or hash as in the Finalize
> stage. I just thought doing this is more complex than what's really
> needed, but if someone can think of a case where this would be a great
> win then I'll listen, but you have to remember we don't have any
> pre-sorted partial paths at this stage, so an explicit sort is
> required *always*. This might change if someone invented partial btree
> index scans... but until then...

Actually, Rahila Syed is working on that.  But it's not done yet, so
presumably will not go into 9.6.

I don't really see the logic of this, though.  Currently, Gather
destroys the input ordering, so it seems preferable for the
finalize-aggregates stage to use a hash aggregate whenever possible,
whatever the partial-aggregate stage did.  Otherwise, we need an
explicit sort.  Anyway, it seems like the two stages should be costed
and decided on their own merits - there's no reason to chain the two
decisions together.

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