On 03/04/2016 04:41 PM, Robert Haas wrote:
As far as I understand it,
Bruce came in near the end of that conversation and now wants to claim
credit for something that doesn't really exist yet and, to the extent
that it does exist, wasn't even his idea.


This does not sound like Bruce at all. Bruce is a lot of things, stubborn, sometimes temperamental, a lot of times like you... a hot head but he does not take credit for other people's work in my experience.

get reasonable plans, something that currently isn't true.  I haven't
heard anybody objecting to that, and I don't expect to hear anybody
objecting to that, because it's hard to imagine why you wouldn't want
queries against foreign data wrappers to produce better plans than
they do today.  At worst, you might think it doesn't matter either
way, but actually, I think there are a substantial number of people
who are pretty happy about join pushdown and I expect that when and if
we get aggregate pushdown working there will be even more people who
are happy about that.


That's exactly what the people at EnterpriseDB who are actually doing
work in this area are attempting to do.  Meanwhile, there's also
Bruce, who is neither doing nor planning to do any work in this area,
nor advising either EnterpriseDB or the PostgreSQL community to
undertake any particular project, but who *is* making it sound like
there is a super sekret plan that nobody else gets to see.  However,

I don't see this Robert. I don't see some secret hidden plan. I don't see any cabal. I see a guy that has an idea, just like everyone else on this list.

as the guy who actually wrote the plan that EnterpriseDB is following,
I happen to know that there's nothing more to it than what I wrote

Even if there was, so what? IF EDB wants to have a secret plan to push a lot of cool features to .Org, who cares? In the end, it all has to go through peer review and the meritocracy anyway.



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