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> And this latest result (no regression) is on X86 but on my local machine.
> I did not exactly saw what this new version of patch is doing different,
> so I will test this version in other machines also and see the results.

I tested this on PPC again, This time in various order (sometime patch
first and then base first).
 I tested with latest patch *pinunpin-cas-2.patch* on Power8.

Shared Buffer = 8GB
./pgbench  -j$ -c$ -T300 -M prepared -S postgres

Clients    run1    run2    run3
1           21200    18754    20537
2           40331    39520    38746

Clients    run1    run2        run3
1           20225    19806    19778
2           39830    41898    36620

I think, here we can not see any regression, (If I take median then it may
looks low with patch so posting all 3 reading).

Note: reverted only ac1d794 commit in my test.

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