Steve Crawford <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> What about cases where I only want one or the other? Would a simple method 
> exist to limit input to v4 or v6 only?

I would assume we'd add a test function like is_v6(inet).  Given that,
you could add a check constraint "is_v6(col)" or "NOT is_v6(col)" to
any column that you want to restrict.

> Also, what are the implications to functions such as network_sub, 
> network_cmp, etc. when given mixed v4/v6 inputs as could easily happen if the
> two are freely mixed in the same data type?

We have to work out what the semantics should be.  I don't know anything
about v6, but I'd imagine v4 addresses form a defined subset of the v6
address space ... if so the semantics seem pretty straightforward.

                        regards, tom lane

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