Is the event PostgreSQL should use for coverage in
Australia next year?


Christopher Kings-Lynne wrote:
> Report
> --------------------
> The is an international Linux/Open Source event that attracts
> lots of international speakers.  Total conf attendance was around 360, maybe
> even 400 I think.
> Gavin Sherry was speaking at this particular conf, and I attended as a
> hobbyist.
> PostgreSQL got a reasonable amount of attention, particularly since there
> were no representatives from other database products there.
> Some pics of our PostgreSQL BOF and the Perth Bell Tower:
> (Gavin is the beardy looking dude 3rd from the left :)  I'm taking the
> photo.)
> These are the main questions we where asked, or features that were
> requested:
> * Replication, replication, replication!
> - We told them that there are a few solutions, none of them are particularly
> great.  Gavin got all sorts of ideas about log shipping.
> * IPV6 data types
> - Apparently there are some ISPs in some countries that have started to bill
> people for IPV6 bandwidth, and the lack of IPV6 address types is hurting
> them.
> * Collisions in auto-generated names.
> - The standard table modification tactic (that I also use) or renaming table
> to *_old and creating new one breaks because the primary key of the new
> table is assigned the same name as the PK of the old, causing CREATE TABLE
> to fail.  This is really annoying.  I think that auto-generated names should
> never collide.
> * Problem:  person has large database with 4 or 5 humungous tables that they
> aren't interested in backing up.  However, they want to back up the rest.
> - I suggested that if pg_dump could dump individual schemas, then they could
> move their 'don't backup' tables to another schema, and just dump the other
> one.
> We found out all sorts of interesting places that PostgreSQL is being used:
> a large Australian Telco, several restaurants in the Perth area, the Debian
> inventory system and the Katie revision control system.  It is also being
> evaluated for process control analysis at a steel plant.  Maybe we should
> chase some people for case studies?
> Chris Kings-Lynne
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