On 02/27/2016 04:49 AM, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
So I propose the two attached patches that introduce new configuration
Boolean parameters syslog_sequence_numbers and syslog_split_lines that
can toggle these behaviors.

As someone who uses syslog for my servers I find both of these GUCs useful, especially when used in combination, and I do not think a compile time option like suggest by Alexander would be suitable substitute because then I would need a custom build of PostgreSQL just to change this which seems too much effort just for this.

The code itself is clean and I find the documentation to be easy to understand.

I have one nitpick: why is one of the variables "true" while the other is "on" in the example? I think both should be "on".

#syslog_sequence_numbers = true
#syslog_split_lines = on

Another possible improvement would be to change "Split messages sent to syslog." to something more verbose like "Split messages sent to syslog, by lines and to fit in 1024 bytes.".

I tested the code and it worked as advertised and also passed the test suite. My local rsyslogd cut the message at about 8 kB, but I do not think it is worth it to expose PG_SYSLOG_LIMIT as a GUC.


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