On 03/09/2016 03:20 AM, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
On 3/8/16 9:12 PM, Andreas Karlsson wrote:
As someone who uses syslog for my servers I find both of these GUCs
useful, especially when used in combination, and I do not think a
compile time option like suggest by Alexander would be suitable
substitute because then I would need a custom build of PostgreSQL just
to change this which seems too much effort just for this.

I think he was suggesting to take the existing compile-time constant and
make a run-time setting out of it.

Ah, that makes more sense than my reading of his message. Still I do not think there would be much gain from doing so. I do not see much benefit from making it configurable. In the cases I envision you would either want to split with a log file in mind or not split at all.


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