On Thu, 30 Jan 2003, Andrew Sullivan wrote:

> Given that IPv6 is supposed to allow co-operation with IPv4, it seems
> it'd be pretty hard to force such a view on every application using
> IP addresses.  DNS, for instance.

Hm? DNS completely separates IPv4 and IPv6 addresses; they're different
record types ("A" versus "AAAA") in the DNS "database".

And the "interoperation" if IPv4 and IPv6 is pretty much not happening,
if you're talking about the compatability addresses. I won't get into
all the reasons why.

All that said, I'm not advocating separating (or not separating)
IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. I'm still undecided on the issue. I can see
situations where I might want to store both together, but then again, I
can see situations where I certainly wouldn't.

Perhaps we should think about another example to try to illuminate this:
what about storing ISO/OSI addresses in the same type as well? Isn't
that just the same thing as storing IPv4 and IPv6 addresses together?

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