Here is proof-of-concept version of two phase commit support for logical 
replication. There are some changes in core postgres, pglogical_output and 
pglogical extensions. I’ve used version from 2nd Quadrant repo, pglogical 
branch and rebased it to current head. Some notes about this patch:

* LWLockAssign() was deleted, so I changed that to new locks tranche api.

* Seems that only reliable way to get GID during replay of commit/rollback 
prepared is to force postgres to write GID in corresponding records, otherwise 
we can lose correspondence between xid and gid  if we are replaying data from 
wal sender while transaction was commited some time ago. So i’ve changed 
postgres to write gid’s not only on prepare, but also on commit/rollback 
prepared. That should be done only in logical level, but now I just want to 
here some other opinions on that.

* Abort prepared xlog record also lack database information. Normally logical 
decoding just cleans reorder buffer when facing abort, but in case of 2PC we 
should send it to callbacks anyway. So I’ve added that info to abort records.

* Prepare emits xlog record with TwoPhaseFileHeader in it and that structure is 
the same as xl_xact_parsed_commit, but with some fields renamed. Probably that 
is just due to historical reasons. It is possible to change PREPARE to write 
ordinary commit records with some flag and then use the same infrastructure to 
parse it. So DecodePrepare/DecodeCommit can be done with the same function. 

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Stas Kelvich
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