As you wish. I thought that understanding the underlying performance model
with sequential writes written in chunks is important for the admin, and as
this guc would have an impact on performance it should be hinted about,
including the limits of its effect where large bases will converge to random
io performance. But maybe that is not the right place.

I do agree that that's something interesting to document somewhere. But
I don't think any of the current places in the documentation are a good
fit, and it's a topic much more general than the feature we're debating
here.  I'm not volunteering, but a good discussion of storage and the
interactions with postgres surely would be a significant improvement to
the postgres docs.

I can only concur!

The "Performance Tips" chapter (II.14) is more user/query oriented. The "Server Administration" bool (III) does not discuss this much.

There is a wiki about performance tuning, but it is not integrated into the documentation. It could be a first documentation source.

Also the README in some development directories are very interesting, although they contains too much details about the implementation.

There has been a lot of presentations over the years, and blog posts.


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