On 3/13/16 6:30 PM, Peter Geoghegan wrote:
On Sat, Mar 12, 2016 at 5:21 PM, Jeff Janes <jeff.ja...@gmail.com> wrote:
Would the wiki be a good place for such tips?  Not as formal as the
documentation, and more centralized (and editable) than a collection
of blog posts.

That general direction makes sense, but I'm not sure if the Wiki is
something that this will work for. I fear that it could become
something like the TODO list page: a page that contains theoretically
accurate information, but isn't very helpful. The TODO list needs to
be heavily pruned, but that seems like something that will never

A centralized location for performance tips will probably only work
well if there are still high standards that are actively enforced.
There still needs to be tight editorial control.

I think there's ways to significantly restrict who can edit a page, so this could probably still be done via the wiki. IMO we should also be encouraging users to test various tips and provide feedback, so maybe a wiki page with a big fat request at the top asking users to submit any feedback about the page to -performance.
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