On 3/11/16 1:30 PM, Robert Haas wrote:

> There's been a lot of discussion on another thread about this patch.
> The subject is "The plan for FDW-based sharding", but the thread kind
> of got partially hijacked by this issue.  The net-net of that is that
> I don't think we have a clear enough idea about where we're going with
> global transaction management to make it a good idea to adopt an API
> like this.  For example, if we later decide we want to put the
> functionality in core, will we keep the hooks around for the sake of
> alternative non-core implementations?  I just don't believe this
> technology is nearly mature enough to commit to at this point.

Ah yes, I forgot about the related discussion on that thread.  Pasting
here for reference:


> Konstantin does not agree with my assessment, perhaps unsurprisingly.

I'm certainly no stranger to feeling strongly about a patch!


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