On 3/10/16 8:36 PM, Robert Haas wrote:
1. We make it true only for heavyweight lock waits, and false for
other kinds of waits.  That's pretty strange.
2. We make it true for all kinds of waits that we now know how to
report.  That still breaks compatibility.

I would absolutely vote for 2 here. You could even argue that it's a bug fix, since those were waits we technically should have been indicating.

The only way I can see #2 breaking anything is if you're using waiting=true to determine whether you look at pg_locks and your code will blow up if you get no rows back, but that seems like a pretty limited use case to me (Hello, LEFT JOIN).

Dropping the column entirely though would break tons of things.

Another random thought... changes like this would probably be easier to handle if we provided backwards compatibility extensions that created views that mimicked the catalog for a specific Postgres version.
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