On 12/03/16 01:01, Jim Nasby wrote:
On 3/11/16 5:14 PM, Petr Jelinek wrote:
I don't really understand this part about concurrent DDL.  If there
were concurrent DDL going on, presumably other backends would be
blocked on the relation lock, not the relation extension lock - and it
doesn't seem likely that you'd often have a huge pile-up of inserters
waiting on concurrent DDL.  But I guess it could happen.

Yeah I was thinking about the latter part and as I said it's very rare
case, but I did see something similar couple of times in the wild. It's
not objection against committing this patch though, in fact I think it
can be committed as is.

FWIW, this is definitely a real possibility in any shop that has very
high downtime costs and high transaction rates.

I also think some kind of clamp is a good idea. It's not that uncommon
to run max_connections significantly higher than 100, so the extension
could be way larger than 16MB. In those cases this patch could actually
make things far worse as everyone backs up waiting on the OS to extend
many MB when all you actually needed were a couple dozen more pages.

Well yeah I've seen 10k, but not everything will write to same table, wanted to stay in realms of something that has realistic chance of happening.

BTW, how was *20 arrived at? ISTM that if you have a lot of concurrent
demand for extension that means you're running lots of small DML
operations, not really big ones. I'd think that would make *1 more

The benchmarks I've seen showed you want at least *10 and *20 was better.

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