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> I have not debugged the flow, but by looking at v13 code, it looks like it
> will search both old and new.   In
> function 
> GetPageWithFreeSpaceExtended()->fsm_search_from_addr()->fsm_search_avail(),
> the basic idea of search is: Start the search from the target slot.  At
> every step, move one
> node to the right, then climb up to the parent.  Stop when we reach a node
> with enough free space (as we must, since the root has enough space).
> So shouldn't it be able to find the new FSM page where the bulk extend
> rolls over?

This is actually multi level tree, So each FSM page contain one slot tree.

So fsm_search_avail() is searching only the slot tree, inside one FSM page.
But we want to go to next FSM page.

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