I afraid so I cannot to fix this inconsistency (if this is inconsistency - the
binary values are same) - the parameter of function is raw string with processed
escape codes, and I have not any information about original escape sequences.
When you enter octet value, and I show it as hex value, then there should be
difference. Buy I have not information about your input (octet or hex). I have
the original string of SQL identifier inside parser, executor, but I have not
original string of function parameter inside function (not without pretty
complex and long code).
Ok, agree

I am trying describe it in doc (I am sorry for my less level English) in new
patch. Fixed duplicated oid too.
Edited a bit + fix some typos and remove unneeded headers, patch attached

Sorry, I can't find all corner-cases at once, but:
SELECT parse_ident(E'"c".X XXXXXXXXXX');
ERROR:  identifier contains disallowed characters: "\"c"

Error message wrongly points to the reason of error.

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