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> Robert Haas <robertmh...@gmail.com> writes:
> > On Mon, Mar 14, 2016 at 12:04 PM, Tom Lane <t...@sss.pgh.pa.us> wrote:
> >> Or in short: maybe it's time to blow up %TYPE and start fresh.
> > That's not a dumb idea.  I think %TYPE is an Oracle-ism, and it
> > doesn't seem to have been their best-ever design decision.
Using %TYPE has sense in PostgreSQL too. It is protection against a
domain's explosion - I don't need to declare the domains like varchar_10,
varchar_100, etc. It does more work in Oracle due living relation between
table columns and PL/SQL variables - but this differences are same for
domain types in PL/pgSQL. What is redundant in Postgres, is using %TYPE and
%ROWTYPE. Because native PL languages has strong relation to system catalog
I see this feature like well designed and helpful. Some different can be
our implementation.

> It is, and it wasn't.  What concerns me about the present patch is
> that it's trying to shoehorn more functionality into something that
> was badly designed to start with.  I think we'd be better off leaving
> %TYPE as a deprecated backwards-compatibility feature and inventing
> something new and more extensible.
> I'm not wedded to any part of the syntax I just wrote, but I do say
> that we need something that allows composability of type selectors.

Last version of this patch doesn't modify %TYPE part - and the implemented
syntax is near to your proposed (not all cases), and near to ADA syntax.
But, probably, you are unhappy with it.

Can you describe your expectations from this feature little bit more,

We can leave the original discussion about %TYPE. It was my mistake. I push
two different ingredients to one soup.

There are two independent features - referenced types - the original %TYPE
and %ROWTYPE features, the possibility to take type from system catalog

Last patch implements linear ELEMENT OF ... , ARRAY OF ... . Can be
solution recursive enhancing of last patch? We can implement other type
modificator like RANGE OF (any other?)

Then we can write some like

ARRAY OF RANGE OF int;  or ELEMENT OF ELEMENT OF array_of_ranges

or if we use functional syntax


I prefer non functional syntax - it looks more natural in DECLARE part, but
it is detail in this moment. I can live with functional syntax too. The
functional syntax is easy parserable, but the SQL is not functional - so I
see it foreign there.

Where you are expecting the implementation? In PLpgSQL only, or generally
in DDL, or in both levels?



>                         regards, tom lane

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