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I open my mouth and insert foot: Where do I get any of these scientific tests to determine if the latest and greatest 7.3.x will not fall down on my favorite Unix?
For Open Source benchmarks, there is:

Open Source Database Benchmark:

With this, you *want* to use the latest CVS version, as that can generate it's own datasets of any size. The older, released versions couldn't and you had to download databases of limited size.

Database Opensource Test Suite:

This works with DB2, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, and looks to have been developed by IBM. Haven't yet used this, but did notice that the configuration instructions make no reference to upping the memory buffers. i.e. all of the tests they've done were probably with the defaults (yuck!)

Emailed this group yesterday asking if they're open to suggestions for improvement, and they said they definitely are. If anyone has specific they'd like to let them know, they do seem open to it.

A commercial solution that people often mention is Benchmark Factory:


Haven't personally used it, although it's apparently the software that Great Bridge used for all of their testing.

Hope this helps.

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