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> > On Wed, 29 Jan 2003, Dave Page wrote:
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> > > I would be interested to know how many windows servers
> > those that are
> > > against a windows port of PostgreSQL have or do manage, and how
> > > experienced they are with that platform...
> >
> > At this point I'm not for or against.  But you're going to
> > have to do more than a weeks worth of unscientific testing to
> > prove your point and move from assumptions to facts.
> No problem with that. Likewise however, it'd be nice if people weren't
> against the windows port until testing had proved it didn't work
> properly. Would we have the same general reactions to a revived VMS port
> or one for OS/2 (not counting Tom's which is an valid concern over a
> specific issue)? I suspect not...

VMS and OS/2 have proven track records of being rugged.  Windows has
always had a reputation of being fragile.  And yes, I have extensive
experience with all three.

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