Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> Justin Clift writes:
> > The advantages to having the Win32 port be natively compatible with
> > Visual Studio is that it already is (no toolset-porting work needed
> > there),
> You're missing a couple of points here.  First, the MS Visual whatever
> compiler can also be used with a makefile-driven build system.  Second,
> the port as it stands isn't really compatible with anything except Jan's
> build instructions.  There's a lot of work to be done before we get
> anything that builds out of the box in the 7.4 branch, and it's going to
> be a lot easier if we do it using the build system we already have and
> know.

Absolutely right, I know that the build environment is more a mess than
an environment. All I said is that we have a stable, working, native
Win32 PostgreSQL 7.2.1 ... 

And I don't care if we use MingW, Borland, Cygwin or a big blend of it
all, as long as the final result can be shipped binary under the BSD


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